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Veterans of Oregon and members of the community (VOAMC) is a non-profit organization where veterans and friends of veterans from every era come together to help each other.  We are primarily a service organization designed to help veterans in need, as well as improve the community around us.  VOAMC is dedicated to educating the younger generations about the importance of patriotism, and service to our great country.

Collectibles Store

Visit our online product sales store with more than 5,000 military collectibles available for purchase.  All profits from this store go back into the organization to be distributed among our many projects, endowment funds, scholarships, and services available to veterans and their families around the country.

Services to Veterans and Families.

offers educational assistance, scholarships, endowment fund and grants, and much more to the veterans and families of the community.

Veterans Events (Statewide)

We hold multi-annual picnics and social events that involve families and children of veterans. We train on traditional ceremony such as properly disposing of flags and employ our own Color and Honor Guard Units. Our gatherings are just plain old fun get-togethers to greet and meet our old friends and newest members of the community.


We have initiated several projects such as the re-naming of Highway 205 to the Veterans Memorial Highway, the construction of the Canby Memorial, the Annual Veterans Convoy, Field of Honor, and Honorable Service Medal.  Our projects are sponsored by local and national organizations such as the Vietnam Veterans of America, Burgerville, Kinko's.


Members enjoy many great benefits including free shipping on military collectible product sales, and more. We welcome all members of the Oregon community to join us in helping veterans and their families. Veterans of Oregon is the first organization to allow full privilege to all members, not just veterans. Apply for membership

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Monthly Veterans Meetings
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