Our Team

With over a decade of experience in the field, we are proud to state that our company has grown from a one-man army to a congregate of 5 passionate, like-minded individuals who leave no stone unturned to help their customers achieve their shooting goals. Our team comprises a vice president of operations with over 20 years of experience in firearms. A former marine, his in-depth knowledge about guns and rifles of all disciplines proven useful to all members of the club. He is an  AZPOST certified firearms instruction in shotgun, rifle, and handgun. His passion is infectious.

Next on our team is our mental training expert. A Ph.D. in Sports Psychology and a passion to inculcate the need for mastery over mind for success in any sport, he has the required know-how that builds champions. His main focus is on devising strategies that will equip the members with the required mental clarity and vision. He is a certified paramedic also and has developed drills for all the staff on how to handle emergencies and any serious injuries on the range. He has designed several trauma kits for worse scenarios.

We have 3 certified firearms instructors who had previously worked with the state police department for over a decade. These staff have served as adjunct instructors on various occasions for new recruits during their service. Our staff is enthusiastic and always works for advancement in tactical and firearm training methods. Our staff also includes several active law enforcement personnel who have the passion to pass on the right knowledge not only about the usage of weapons but also on their safekeeping and maintenance.


All our instructors have certificates from NRA and have previously worked in Law enforcement agencies. They can impart training from basic to in-service personnel.