A Personal Story about the Honorable Service Medal

See a personal story about the Honorable Service medal, and share your story with us as well.

Honoring the service and sacrifice of over 5,000 Veterans!

From the pristine rocky shores of the Oregon Coast, to the lush evergreen forests of Eastern and Southern Oregon, the Veterans of Oregon Honorable Service Medal has provided recognition and appreciation for veterans throughout the state. This extraordinary vision began with a goal in mind to reach and touch every single veteran, honoring the service and sacrifice made for our country. To say this program has been successful is made evident by the fact that we have now reached the 5,000 mark of minting!

Governor Kulongoski, a partaker of service and sacrifice served in the United States Marine Corps during Vietnam.

Medal Snippet: Honoring Veterans of all Ages and Eras...

Several medals have been issued to veterans who are over 90 years of age; however, the oldest living recipient of this honor is Howard Ramsey, who at the age of 108 was the last surviving Oregon veteran from WWI. Mr. Ramsey received his medal just three weeks prior to passing on.

Howard Ramsey Receives his Honorable Service Medal.

The oldest veteran ever recognized with the Honorable Service Meal was Colonel Valentine Sever who served during the Revolutionary War as aide and at the side of General George Washington.  The medal was presented to his 8th generation grandson - Doyle Robertson who lives in Portland Oregon.  

Honoring Service, Honoring Sacrifice
It is the charge of every American soldier to provide security for and protect at all costs the welfare and existence of our way of life. Each day thousands of our dedicated military personnel face the nemesis wall of injustice, standing firm with the courage to carry the burden of those who cannot fight for themselves. To the committed soldiers of our United states we offer our loyalty . To the fervent, we pledge to join you in steadfast resolve, and to those who have embraced the sacrifice becoming the embodiment of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we honor you.

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