What should you do to stay hunting fit?

The sad reality of many rifle owners is that they believe owning a gun is good enough. It is good enough to hunt and good enough to protect yourself or for any other tactical purpose. Wrong! Rifle wielding is as much dependent on the rifle as on the physical fitness of the user. You will be surprised to know that the best rifle shooters have as intense workout schedules as any other sportsperson.

What probably differs would be the kind of exercises and the intensity. It is fine to invest in https://sealgrinderpt.com/ accessories for dpms oracle but it is even more essential to invest time in staying fit both physically and mentally. To be able to shoot from any position like standing, kneeling, or even prone accurately is possible only when you are stable. For that stability you need cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning.


Exercises to stay fit

We can classify exercises into:

Physical fitness

Mental fitness.

The most important aspects of physical fitness are:

Agility drills can transform your shooting; you will be astounded with the results. Start and stop drills along with other exercises help a shooter change direction in lesser time and engage a target to a greater extent.


While overall fitness is essential for shooters, special attention must be paid to the hands, arms, forearm and the shoulders. Strong shoulders will contribute to more stability and will be able to handle the rifle recoil better. The strength in forearms and grip will help in more control and prevent wrist injuries. Doing a minimum set of pushups each day will improve the shoulder and forearm strength. Hammer curls with dumbbells are excellent for forearm strengthening. Start with mild weights and as you gain in strength increase the weights. Reverse curls will benefit the wrists. Start all exercises with ten reps and increase gradually.


Do not underestimate the importance of cardio in your workout. It is very important for shooters to keep their heart rate in control at all times to be able to aim accurately and release the trigger. Even otherwise, cardio is necessary for the overall fitness of a sportsman. Running is the best form of cardio that anyone can do and there is no replacement for it. What you can aim for are shuttle runs which are really good for shooters especially. Shuttle runs train your body to start and stop quickly. Jump rope strengthens the calves and improves your explosive movements.


The key to any fitness regime is to minimize exercise-related injuries. Therefore, it is essential for flexibility training to be a part of your fitness regime. A flexible body helps a shooter to get into any confined space with ease or into any position comfortably without losing balance and stability. Regular stretching will improve flexibility.



Balance is also an important part of fitness. Yes, core strengthening is the key to balance which is essential for shooting, but there are other exercises like the Bosu Ball which is exercise ball with a flat bottom. Some of the drills include jumping from one ball to another to attain better balance. There are several mental strategies that will help shooters develop confidence, learn the techniques of visualization which will help in improving their performance on the range. Mental training also helps sportspersons deal with anxiety and help set up goals. You will learn strategies on how to conserve your mental energy and attain.

Mental Fitness

So far, we have only spoken about physical fitness what about mental fitness?  technique and physical fitness can enhance your performance considerably and you may reach 90% of your potential but the most crucial 10% belongs to the mind.  For every sportsperson, mental fitness decides between success and failure. If factors like stress, tension, and errors shake your confidence you need to pay attention to things other than just physical fitness. Mental fitness also includes the elimination of overconfidence which incidentally is a frequent cause for errors.


Physical and mental fitness form the core of any sport. To perform consistently and with accuracy time after time, every sportsperson must schedule a workout plan that includes physical fitness, technique training, and mental training. Only when you master your body and mind can you hope to excel at your passion.